Our Services

Our adult Sunday School hour is a time when we meet to study the Word of God and how it impacts our lives. It is an informal time with a lot of discussion and questions asked and answered. Refreshments are always available and nursery facilities are provided to take care of the little ones.

The AM Worship service is a time when we gather to sing our praises and worship the Lord. Music plays an important part in the service and the message is geared towards applying the Word of God to our lives. We strive to maintain a family atmosphere that is warm and friendly and reflects the love the Lord has for us. All are welcome.

Our Evening Bible study is a special time of focused study where we expand our understanding of the Word of God in a relaxed setting. The subjects we study are varied, but our current study series, ‘Curiosities, Mysteries and Enigmas of the Older Testament,’ has allowed us to incorporate recent and interesting archaeological discoveries and current historical events into our understanding of the Bible.